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sunt în cutia de cereale

sunt sweet & crispy & ascult nişte pop cehesc

vitamina C 85% DZR

tiamină 85% DZR

riboflamină 85% DZR

fier 85% DZR

îmi crănţănesc dinţii de atâta sănătate

sunt o femeie dată în mă-sa. ascult pop cehesc într-o cutie de cereale.

sunt sănătoasă & 100% biodegradabilă 

                          din volumul spatiu privat 

europe. ten funeral songs

europe will swallow me

I’ll become a european daughter

my life will be like

one of your many rivers

my sad europe

I wonder if your sadness

can equal my sadness?

do you have

enough room for my brain

for my carnivorous rats?

(my memory lasts as long

as the air in a 3-mm syringe)

but as for my face

is it more like a man’s than a woman’s?

the little children dead on our streets

or in our bellies poisoned and full of  passion

will they have a place where they can string their silent beads

where they can to gnaw on their fingers

where they can to hang their scrawny spines?

from europe. ten funeral songs, 2005

translated by  Adam J. Sorkin and Adrian Urmanov


Cap a l'est - Banska Stiavnica, Slovacia, 2009

 “The Missing Arm of Venus” 
(Romanian Poetry during The 
PEN World Voices International Festival) 
New York, 2008



istorie recenta

           de pe CD -ul volumului europa. zece cantece funerare



espace vital

espace vital
lecture Ophelia Teillaud
Cap a l'est - Banska Stiavnica, Slovacia, 2009